Network connectivity defines 2 things - what number of people shall be able to view a given website at the same time and how swiftly they shall be able to perform that. When the connection capacity is lower, for example, the maximum throughput could be hit with only several visitors checking out the site, so newcomers will be unable to access the pages, or in another scenario, all website visitors may have problems. If the capacity is sufficient, but the server access speed is very low, it'll take longer for any web page on the site to load and this may lead to visitors simply closing the website, if they notice that they need to wait for a couple of minutes just to look through a number of web pages. In this light, if you wish to launch and maintain a prosperous presence online, the server in which you host your website should offer both superior access speeds and higher traffic capacity.
DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Shared Web Hosting
You shall never experience any problems with the access to any website hosted within a shared web hosting account on our highly developed cloud platform. How quick your visitors shall be able to browse through the specific site shall depend completely on their Internet connection, since the data centers in which our web servers are located offer multi-gigabit connectivity and use dependable backbone providers to secure rapid and uninterrupted access to all the web servers. The facilities also provide direct optical fiber connections to a lot of large cities in North America, Europe and Australia, so when you host your Internet sites with us, you'll enjoy a great website loading speed from any location globally. We also use powerful, high-quality network equipment to make certain that there'll not be delays of any type whenever someone opens your website.
DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The semi-dedicated hosting accounts that we provide are set up inside our modern data center in downtown Chicago and if you want to host your websites with us, you will be able to take full advantage of the multi-gigabit connection which our hosting platform is using with no restrictions or speed shaping. In other words, your visitors shall be able to be able to look at your sites as quickly as their own connection enables them to. Our center represents an excellent option to reach the large North American market, since it offers fiber connections to both the East Coast and the West Coast. Constant access to your Internet sites is guaranteed by a redundant network that handles the incoming and the outgoing site traffic plus the connectivity between the clusters that build up our platform. On top of that, the data center uses dedicated channels from some of the biggest backbone providers in the U.S., so you can be sure that no infrastructural problem will ever disrupt the proper operation of your Internet sites.